Pre-marketing of saleyard cattle in an Australian first

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The Australian cattle industry turns over millions of cattle every year and encompasses many different sales channels including a network of almost 200 saleyards nationwide that operate cattle sales on a regular basis.

Until now there hasn't been a central website to advertise cattle to be sold at a saleyard. has revolutionised this and provides a platform that enables marketing of saleyard cattle and much more. contains a saleyard database of every saleyard in Australia and sellers including livestock agents can simply select the saleyard location where sale cattle will be sold and a sale date so buyers requiring cattle can quickly and easily research sale cattle that will be available on an upcoming sale date at their local saleyard – or at any saleyard they wish to attend Australia wide.

The founders of outlined "For Australian producers, heading to their local saleyard is a time honoured tradition and often also a social outing for those living very remotely. We saw an opportunity to enhance this buying experience without taking it away. The site enables buyers to source cattle matching their exact requirements and to attend their local sale having researched the cattle they are interested in."

"The website has been custom built to include every facet of the cattle selling frameworks in Australia including saleyard locations nationwide and livestock agents can quickly, easily and affordably market cattle being sold through a saleyard to waiting buyers. The new platform offers one central site where previously hamstrung livestock agents with limited and ad hoc marketing channels can now pre-market saleyard cattle and extend their marketing reach."

" also offers a range of marketing features such as pre-designed marketing flyers that allow livestock agents and producers to easily distribute a flyer containing information and photographs of sale cattle to their current networks and contacts and the website also offers buyers a 'Saved Listings' section which allows listings to be saved for later review or printing. These features were specifically designed to give sale cattle greater exposure." has been designed to function on all devices and is mobile friendly allowing livestock agents to simply place a listing and upload photos direct from their smart phone or tablet whilst standing with sale cattle in yards or a paddock. Listings are live on the site instantly and also land in the inbox of buyers who have set alerts with their specific requirements that takes the work out of sourcing for time-poor buyers. is now live and sale cattle to be sold at any saleyard location in Australia can be listed.


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