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Risk Pass

Agricultural businesses are operating in more complexity than ever, our mission is to make it easy to comply with regulations, standards and commodity audits. Designed with producers, the solution is evolving to fit the changing requirements of businesses with a seamless user experience for the people doing the doing!

Risk Pass is a digital solution for checking in visitors to your property for Biosecurity and Work Health and Safety needs. Less than two minutes to complete, with automated emails to visitor and business owner. Reporting for the business owner is easy! No downloads, no log-ins making the user experience seamless.

Risk Pass creates digital solutions to meet business your operational and compliance needs including reporting on: animals, pests and diseases (biosecurity), people incident and accidents, repairs and maintenance and inductions. Photo or document uploads make it easier still. Rolled into an app function on your smart device. Its really that simple for everyone.

We are working with all types of businesses in agriculture, feedlots, beef properties, properties with renewables, stud cattle operations, the small, the big and the complex.

If you are contemplating or have renewable or energy company access? we can help with that too, with solutions ready to meet your needs.

It is easy:
1. Reach out for a quote
2. Provide simple information
3. Test run your solution and you are ready to go!

And if you need a hand to get a plan for Biosecurity and Work Health and Safety we can do that too!

Reach out we would love to help:
W: www.riskpass.au
E: safe@riskpass.au
OR give Ange a call 0429 102 578

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