Frankling Custom Feeds - Beef Performa Grass-Fed Pellets


Stockfeed represents one of the greatest costs for most livestock production enterprises. To ensure your stock perform as expected, every product from Frankling Custom Feeds, from a 20kg bag through to a B-Double load of pellets is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials.

Our services don't stop when the truck finishes delivering your order. To ensure bulk customers are achieving the best results from both our products, and your livestock, we offer a complimentary on-farm nutrition and feed budgeting service, with a focus on assisting customers to achieve the best Income Over Feed Costs from their enterprise – Cost Effective Feeding Solutions.

We also offer bulk cartage services, grain cleaning, and bagging services.


Beef Performa Grass-Fed Pellets

Frankling Custom Feeds is proud to provide a fully certified PCAS pellet to beef producers around Australia backed up by a complementary nutrition service. The Beef Performa Grass-Fed is a high-class formulation that includes natural essential oils and yeast to improve efficiency and health in cattle herds.

Cattle being fed the Beef Performa Grass-Fed pellets near Rolleston, QLD.

Franking Custom Feeds is accredited under FeedSafe(R), the Quality Assurance program of the Stockfeed Manufacturers Council of Australia

Further information contact Frankling Custom Feeds on 03 5453 2107, visit the website here and follow on Facebook here.


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