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Premium livestock watering

Built to last - 100% stockproof

From the beginning, Conron Stockcrete aspired to be the industry leader in livestock watering.

As a family-owned business that employs a team of committed staff in a small rural community, we are proud of the values that have created the Conron Stockcrete brand, and see it continue to grow from strength to strength.

Out designing everything that producers disliked about troughs, our focus remains on designing innovative, functional water troughs with state of the art construction techniques, that are easy to install, clean and maintain.

Constantly striving for creative and innovative approaches that change the way producers think about their stock watering systems, our troughs offer peace of mind, reliability and a stockproof design.

The importance of reliable and effective stock water systems is underestimated every day. As our products and brand have evolved, we have embraced responsible watering. After all, it is the most critical element of livestock production and wellbeing, has an incredible impact on farm efficiency and profitability, and once you have it set up, sees ease of operation for the producer in every aspect.

Built to last for generations, the Conron Stockcrete brand offers the utmost in water security and reliability for livestock, and efficiency for producers.

Be proud of your water troughs, be part of the Conron Stockcrete phenomenon.

Double ended Combo troughs.

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