Roswell Ag Round Poly Cattle Feeder

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The Roswell Ag Round Poly Cattle Feeder

The Roswell Ag round poly cattle feeder has taken off across Australia. As a beef producer, you'd understand how important it is to deliver a consistent, reliable supply of quality cattle. But can you do it efficiently, safely and sustainably? With reduced time and labour costs?

With Roswell Ag's durable, round poly cattle feeders, you will.

If you haven't seen our poly feeders before, they're the next generation cattle feeders with a difference. Because they're Australian made, and built to last.

What makes the Roswell Ag feeder different?
For a start, it's round and made of polyethylene (Alkatuff LL711UV). So it's the no-rust solution you've been looking for. It's a premium linear low density polyethylene that's perfect for Australian conditions. So it offers increased durability, efficiencies and safety, reduced costs and optimises supplementary cattle feeding, drought, winter and feedlot feeding.

Best of all, it solves virtually everything that's bugged you about metal cattle feeders for years.

So why should you consider buying one?

  • NO RUST – It's poly, so less likely to bend and leak
  • SAVE MORE THAN 80% on TRANSPORT COSTS FOR MULTIPLE ORDERS – Its modular design means up to 23 feeders fit on one truck
  • LONG LASTING – Alkatuff LL711UV is really durable and if it bends, it easily bends back
  • EFFICIENT, FASTER FEEDING – there's 11 m of uninterrupted trough space
  • SAFER FOR CATTLE – No sharp corners and there's less cattle niggle and jostle
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY SIZED CATTLE – Suitable for in paddock finishing or creep feeding calves
  • LESS WHS RISKS – Lid opens from the ground so no climbing on ladders to check feed level. And it's translucent so you can see feed levels from the paddock or in your truck. Its modular design means no lifting heavy lids or climbing in to the feeder to remove blockages.
  • LESS WASTE – Central filling point means minimal spillage
  • MINIMAL BLOCKAGES – No leaks through bent lids, so less much to clean
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – It works like a Teflon flying pan: no mess, no fuss
  • EASY TO MOVE – It's lightweight and modular so easily moved around the farm or dismantled for longer trips

Where are our customers? And why do they love our Roswell Ag feeders?
We have customers across NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia (we recently transported 23 feeders to Margaret River). So we can offer you efficiencies for bulk orders.

In the six years we've been in business, we've had 100% repeat sales on every feeder we've sold, because cattle start on them better than steel feeders, they're safer for cattle and your workers, and they're easy to use and maintain.

One of our first customers was the late Lachlan Hughes, Rangeland Quality Meats, Dulacca, Queensland. Lachlan's feedback when the Hughes family first purchased Roswell poly feeders still resonates today and says it all: "The biggest benefit of the poly feeders is that they're just really, really easy to use. They're light and they don't rust. And the cattle feed on them really easily – I don't know what it is but the cattle enjoy eating off the poly. Any paddock we've got Roswell feeders in, those cattle are starting on that grain way better than our steel feeders. They're critical to our business and feeding in the paddock." We are proud to have the Hughes family as ongoing customers.

Best of all, you'll also have greater control over how much your cattle eat, so as a cattle breeder or finisher, they'll be perfect for your business.

How can you find out more?
To find our more about our round poly cattle feeders, simply jump on our website for more information or call Bill Findlay on 0401 995 166. And follow us on Facebook here!


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