Australian Dairy Conference

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Australian Dairy Conference

Registrations are now open for the 2019 Australian Dairy Conference (ADC) with early bird tickets closing on 14 December 2018!

The ADC is set down for 19-21 February 2019 at Hotel Realm in Canberra including a pre-conference tour in central NSW on 18 February. The program promises a bold and strong agenda focusing on leadership, antibiotic use, bobby calves, genetics and dairy diet wars is set to bring contentious debate as the nation's dairy industry equips itself to tackle issues trending into the future. Experts from around the globe have been garnered for their independent perspective to shine light on where the Australian industry is placed, how well it is positioned for the future and to impart key learning's from global best practice.

ADC 2019 Programming Chair Susan Wearden said that the program line-up is specifically tailored around the issues having most impact on the dairy industry now and into the future. "The focus of this year's program is to really challenge thinking about what we do on and off the farm, why we do it, question whether we can we do it better, and explore what impacts do my actions have on the broader industry."

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