Cydectin Long Acting Injection for Cattle

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CYDECTIN - Long acting injection for cattle

Hear how Brahman cattle producer Will Wilson from Calliope in Queensland reduces labour costs and keeps ticks out of paddocks with Cydectin LA for cattle here.

Are you using a drench that drives productivity?
More than 3300 cattle on 24 different properties in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania took part in weaner drench trials between 2011 and 2017. Dr Matthew Ball, technical veterinarian for Virbac, has played a leading role in these trials and reports them to be 'one of the largest studies done to compare productivity from different drench types'. These trials involved a variety of production systems and different seasonal conditions. They compared pour ons to injectable treatments, tested performance of different actives and compared growth response with short acting to long acting formulations. Dr Ball reports that 'the stand out finding was the substantial productivity gains delivered by the use of Cydectin Long acting Injection for Cattle' 1, 2.

A NSW trial with Angus heifers averaging 294kg compared Cydectin LA Cattle to Dectomax injection over 120 days. Treatment with Cydectin LA increased live weight gain by 10kg (15%) when compared to Dectomax injection. On another NSW property Cydectin LA Cattle was compared to an ivermectin pour on in Angus heifers with a mean starting weight of 259kg. After 120 days the cattle treated with Cydectin LA Cattle were 18kg heavier than the ivermectin pour on group. There was no trial site in NSW where Cydectin LA Cattle did not lead to increased weight gain when compared to a shorter acting drench. 1, 2

These findings are supported by independent work in the Central Tablelands. An industry funded trial by a district veterinarian compared the growth of heifers given a single Cydectin LA Cattle with pour on-drench treatments. Six months after treatment the heifers given Cydectin LA were 22kg heavier than the cattle given the short acting product. It was concluded that 'the post-weaning growth of beef heifers treated with multiple short-acting drenches was significantly slower than heifers drenched with a single long-acting drench at weaning'. 3

Increasing weight gain in young cattle is important for productivity and profitability. Beyond the benefits of enhanced growth in sale stock there is the link between the growth rate of heifers and future fertility. Improved parasite control in young breeders can lower the age at which heifers reach puberty, enhance conception at first joining and improve the calving pattern of second calvers.17 These changes can create a lifetime of improved fertility for the cow.

Globally large numbers of farmers have embraced long-acting drenches due to the productivity gains in their cattle and the labour savings achieved from a single administration. Cydectin LA Cattle, the only long acting formulation in Australia, has become a popular weaner and induction treatment. Its' unique formulation contains the potent and persistent molecule moxidectin at a high concentration. It has a label claim to prevent reinfection against Ostertagia for 112 days, Haemonchus for 120 days and Trichostrongylus for 72 days. It is administered as a subcutaneous injection into the soft tissue behind the base of the ear. It can be used in breeding and non-breeding animals weighing 100-500 kg and has an ESI of 108 days.

The focus of Cydectin LA programs is on young growing cattle exposed to contaminated pastures and at risk of production loss and/or disease. A treatment with Cydectin LA Cattle will strategically reduce the risk from contaminated pastures and avoid repeat drench treatments. In liver fluke areas NitroFluke or Flukazole C are ideal treatments to be given at the same time as Cydectin LA. In a NSW trial the use of Cydectin LA Cattle combined with Flukazole C was able to deliver Angus yearlings an additional 16kg (36%) growth over 127 days when compared to a combination worm and fluke pour on1.

Cydectin LA Cattle is changing the approach to the control of worms in Australia. Used strategically the product can deliver improved productivity, animal welfare, labour efficiency and resistance management. Find out more on the Virbac website here.


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