140 Belmont Red X Brahman Cows

Cows - PTIC


Belmont Red X Brahman



2 - 5 years

Not mouthed

400 - 450 kg

Tick zone


Charters Towers, QLD

For Sale

$1,900.00per Head


A very well handled mob of young cows with only 10 head over 6 years of age and 86 of them only number 9,s. Preg tested in calf up to 3 months by vendor with reproscan scanner, can be verified by vet if required. 55 head are trade cattle and the rest are station bred. Cows are good to handle in the yards and paddock, worked with bikes and dogs, all younger cattle have spent time in a cell grazing program so are well used to being mustered and moved. Cows are pregnant to Belmont red, Bonsmara, senepol composite bulls that have been selected for high fertility and good calving traits. Approximately 75% are polled or dehorned, with only a few small horns and scurrs and one cow with horns.

Seller Information

Michael Duckett


Charters Towers, QLD




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