Elrose Brahman Stud Reduction

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450 - 500 kg

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Rockhampton, QLD





2nd Stage Reduction Grey Brahman Stud Breeding Herd

"Comanche", Rockhampton.

"This is a timely, rare and highly valuable opportunity to secure high quality, productive, Stud breeding females backed by the industry and market proven genetics, as well as the superior Breedplan performance, of Australia's largest Brahman Stud enterprise. Elrose has remained at the top level of Australia's Brahman industry and the Nation's seedstock industry for over 30 years."

  • Outstanding, sound, productive, YOUNG COWS with EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY CALVES at foot and JOINED AGAIN.
  • 3 in 1# breeder units
  • 77 cows & calves (Twin Hills Paddock) - comprising approx. 71 – 5 to 7 yo 6 – 8 to 9 yo. Calves born Oct.-Dec. approx. 45% Bulls; 55% Heifers An excellent, high quality line of young cows and calves of immense appeal. Lovely breed style and character, sound structured, big muzzled, clean skinned and rearing big, impressive, eye-catching calves (many showing real Stud potential). Unit after unit of exceptional standard.
  • 185 cows & calves (Gap Paddock) - comprising approx. 185 – 5 to 7 yo. Calves born Oct.-Jan. approx. 48% Bulls; 52% Heifers Sound, sizable group of strong featured, Stud breeders nursing very attractive offspring. Good udders, breed quality very good, strong condition, settled temperament. There is a little wider variation in type through this large line, and a little more age differential in the calves.
  • 108 cows & calves (Big Rocky Paddock) - comprising approx. 55 – 8 to 9 yo 53 – 10 yo+ Calves born Oct.-Jan. approx. 50% Bulls; 50% Heifers This is the older matrons' paddock. They remain productive Stud herd cows still, their breeding value to Elrose surviving drought enforced herd reductions of recent years. Rock solid in constitution and fertility, and the best Brahman qualities of adaptation to whatever seasonable variations apply. They are in very good health for their age, delivering and raising good calves. Value proposition in their genetics, their calves and the pregnancies they carry. With just a little T.L.C. they'll keep delivering.
  • All Group Breedplan recorded

"After our highly successful 1st Stage Reduction in early 2017 we offer these females with a feeling of both pride and excitement. The Elrose herd has maintained extremely high levels of production right through the recent dry years and we find breeder numbers exceed the areas of our landholdings. This 2nd Stage Reduction now comes right from the 'heart of the herd'. We offer them in a way that caters to the capacity of all levels of Stud industry requirements, as well as to larger scale bull breeding enterprises. Our commitment over decades remains to produce animals of strong eye appeal backed by a genetic data-set to optimise surety of paddock and progeny performance. These females are highly recommended as we have no doubt they will be valuable, positive contributors to the seedstock industry." ~Rodger Jefferis

"A Brahman Stud Female offering of this stature, substance or scope

has not previously been made available in Australia!"

Contact selling agent Troy Trevor for inspection - 0408 502 576

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Troy Trevor


Queensland Rural

Charters Towers, QLD

0408 502 576


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Queensland Rural

Charters Towers, QLD


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