18 Angus Bulls




Stud - Registered


1 - 2 years

Not mouthed

800 kg +

Tick-free zone


Parkes, NSW




Angus stud bulls - ranging from 13 months to 25 months. Bulls averaging 850kg+.

Sons of best growth rate bulls in the world, out of Millah Murrah and Temania and other high up stud bloodlines cows. Following are some of the bulls used in our AI programs:

SAV Harvestor 0338
Sold in USA 2011 for AU$380,000 to 13 Stud Breeders.
Super sound bull, extremely docile, ranks up the top for growth rates.

Mohnen Dynamite 1356
Beautiful long full bodied bull with great growth rates.
One of the most used USA bulls in Australia.

Temania Emperor VTME343
Rated as one of the top vulls in Australia.
Beautifully muscled, has heaps of capacity and softness.
Proven performance, excellent in every way.

Hercules H250 a
Hercules H250
Ardrossan Equator A241
Ellingson Idenitiy

We first look for full body with full hind quarters which goes with good growth rates, birth weights must be within reason. [note:- we have only had one cow have calving trouble in 5 years and that was an oversight on our part as heifer should have been culled because of pelvis size]. Both bulls and cows have to be of quiet temperaments. .

We are selling our bulls at greatly reduced rates due to drought conditions. Selling between $3000.00 to $5000.00. We are only too happy to have one of our bulls in your herd to prove their performance and you become one of our valuable clients . We can help arrange freight.


Seller Information

Brian Doberer


Parkes, NSW



Cattle Yard Cable
YBPF 2018
DOM June July 2018


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