About us

Who we are

Cattlesales.com.au was developed and is operated with grassroots industry knowledge for beef and dairy producers, livestock agents and stakeholders in the Australian cattle industry.

Cattlesales.com.au is the first website of its kind in Australia to recognise the need for online cattle advertising to be separated from the general livestock category and to provide a nationwide advertising space solely for cattle.

We believe there is no other industry that has such an intimate knowledge of its product as producers and livestock agents in the Australian cattle industry and we see part of our role as providing accessible space for this unique knowledge and product to be marketed.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the way the Australian cattle industry connects.

Cattlesales featured in Graziher magazine – Spring 2017

As seen in Graziher magazine – Spring 2017

The website

We are continually developing the tools our website offers to meet the demands of our industry and our customers. Our marketing toolbox currently includes:


Advanced search functionality to find cattle

Additional 'Search by map' option

Cattle Alert system to save buyers work and time

'Favourite' tool to help buyers compare


Different listing types to suit seller's specific needs

Smart tools to save time eg: PDF Flyer

Ability to create your listing directly from any device

Social media sharing

An important reminder to livestock agents...

Listings placed on Cattlesales.com.au will feature your agency logo and details providing full ownership over your listings.

Your client's details remain confidential.

You can send traffic from our website to your website by entering your agency web address in the details of the listing.

If you are an AuctionsPlus assessor you can now take advantage of the data feed that is in place between our websites - making it simple to pre-advertise AuctionsPlus cattle by only entering the data once.


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